Quality Assurance and Electrical Testing

Systematic monitoring, testing and evaluation ensure consistently high quality across all Electra-Loom products and services.

Quality Assurance

Electra-loom is certified through SAI Global to ISO9001:2008. The integrated business management system is the backbone of the quality system, workplace health and safety and the applicable statutory requirements relating to environmental legislation.

Electra-Loom has been continuously certified through SAI Global since 2004 and maintains an excellent audit record as proof of the comprehensive systems in place within the company.

Logs and registers provide records and statistics against agreed performance indicators. The currency of procedural and work instructions within the company is maintained by comprehensive training and consultation with staff members.

Periodic audits by key clients provide valuable feedback on acceptance of the system.

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Electrical testing

Electra-Loom offers comprehensive electrical testing including hi-pot, continuity testing, and crimp cross section analysis to ensure quality of cables and components. We are able to provide diagnostic test certificates if required.

Hi-pot testing

Our hi-pot tester is designed for commercial, military and aerospace applications. With its superior wire isolation capability, hi-pot testing gives improved cable quality, performance and safety.

Our hi-pot system is capable of expansion to 20,000 test points and can detect shorts and mis-wires in less than 1 second across the 20,000 points.

  • Hi-pot: 100 – 1500VDC, 100 – 1000VAC
  • Connection resistance range: 0.1 – 1M ohm
  • Insulation resistance range: 5M-1000M ohm
  • 4-wire resistance test: .001 – 100 ohm
  • Components tested: resistors, diodes and capacitors.
  • Wire list memory capability: unlimited
Cirrus Report

Cirrus Report

Continuity testing

Ensure point to point wiring accuracy and print a diagnostic report if required. Our system is capable of expansion to 32,000 test points:

  • Test current: 6.5 mA max
  • Test voltage: 0 – 10 V
  • Test rate: 256 points < 1 sec.
  • Wire resistance range: 0.1 – 100K ohm
  • Component resistance range: 1.0M ohm (max)
  • Insulation resistance range: 500K ohm (max)
  • 4-wire resistance test: Yes
  • Components: resistors, diodes, capacitors, four-wire resistors

Crimp cross section analysis

Crimp cross sectional analysis has quickly become an integral part of the crimp quality process. Our MicroGraph system can create crimp cross-sectional images in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods and at reduced cost. Crimp cross section analysis makes an important contribution to further increase the quality of your product.

Crimp Cross Section Report14-ART-MC-L6-1








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