Electra-Loom on the move: new manufacturing plant at Eastern Creek

Electra-loom has moved to a new manufacturing plant at 28 Peter Brock Drive Eastern Creek.

Purpose-built Plant

Electra-Loom Factory

The purpose built facility was constructed to comfortably house the manufacturing plant and all the processing and testing equipment required to complete all assembly, testing and design work. The facility also provides administration offices overlooking the factory. There are designated materials storage, handling and shipping areas.

Ceasing work at lunch time Friday, the task of moving then began. The move continued over the weekend.

It was a huge logistical exercise but by 7:00am on the following Monday 50% of our staff were back on the tools and by lunchtime Electra-Loom was fully operational.

The first month at the new site produced significant productivity improvements that continue to today. Additional space and storage has meant the workflow through the factory has improved and materials handling, and the size and layout of the plant has significantly increased the capacity of Electra-Loom.

Factory-internal-2Factory-internal-1 Factory-internal-3





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